Factory Explosion in Gresik Claims 5 Lives: Police

    Antara - 09 June 2021 18:07 WIB
    Factory Explosion in Gresik Claims 5 Lives: Police
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Gresik: Five people lost their lives, while several others sustained injuries during an explosion at a factory in Gresik District, East Java Province, on Tuesday.

    "We are still conducting investigation into the explosion and safeguarding the scene," Chief of the Gresik District Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Arief Fitrianto remarked on Wednesday.


    Fitrianto spoke of the police having obtained a report of the explosion on Tuesday evening.

    It is believed that the explosion occurred while the workers were welding cylinders at the engineering and construction factory owned by PT Citra Adi Sarana (CAS) Indonesia, in an industrial estate on Dharmo Sugondo Street, Gresik.

    The explosion occurred when the workers checked a sensor level instrument at the methanol tank that suddenly exploded.

    The workers, who lost their lives in the incident, comprised four men and a woman.


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