Bed Occupancy Rate in Java, Bali Declines: Health Ministry

    Antara - 22 July 2021 16:28 WIB
    Bed Occupancy Rate in Java, Bali Declines: Health Ministry
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    Jakarta: The bed occupancy rate (BOR) in hospitals across Java and Bali Islands has declined on the first day of the extension of  Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM), Health Ministry spokesperson for COVID-19 vaccinations, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, informed.

    “The provincial levels of BOR mostly fell, although most of the provinces in Java and Bali were on the same response capacity level,” she said at the PPKM press conference broadcast on FMB9's Youtube channel from Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon.


    Only Bali Province recorded a rise in BOR, although it was still less than 80 percent, she added.

    The occupancy rate in West and Central Java dropped to less than 80 percent, so the treatment capacity in those provinces shifted from limited to medium level, Tarmizi informed.

    Most regions in West Java reported a decline in the bed occupancy rate of around 89 percent. The highest rate in West Java was seen in Ciamis District at 90 percent with 118 beds, while the lowest was seen in Garut District at 46.7 percent with 761 beds, she said.

    Central Java recorded 86-78 percent reduction in BOR, except in Pekalongan District, where the rate rose from 77.6 percent to 82.9 percent, she added.

    Meanwhile, the BOR in Jakarta decreased to 84 percent from 92 percent the previous week. The highest rate in the capital was 94.2 percent in West Jakarta, while the lowest was 78.5 percent in North Jakarta, she said.

    Meanwhile, the occupancy rate in the Special Territory of Yogyakarta was relatively stable, except the rate in Kulon Progo District, which fell to 68 percent. However, an increase was recorded in Gunungkidul District from 81 percent to 89 percent, she added.

    The bed occupancy rate in the provinces of East Java and Banten did not change significantly, she said.

    East Kalimantan Province became the only region outside Java and Bali with an occupancy rate of 81 percent, she noted.


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