Jakarta Council to Select Sandiaga's Replacement

    Muhammad Al Hasan - 10 Agustus 2018 18:47 WIB
    Jakarta Council to Select Sandiaga's Replacement
    Jakarta Regional Legislative Council deputy speaker M Taufik (Photo:Medcom/Intan Yunelia)
    Jakarta: The Jakarta Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) should hold a voting to select Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno's replacement, DPRD deputy speaker M Taufik said Friday.

    "Gerindra Party and PKS as the supporting parties will give one name each. The two names will be given to the council by the two parties," he told reporters.
    Sandiaga has stepped down from his position as Jakarta vice governor. He has submitted his resignation letter to Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan.

    According to the regulation, Sandiaga is not obligated to leave his position in the Jakarta provincial administration. However. he wants to concentrate on his campaign in the upcoming presidential election.

    "I deliver my resignation letter from my position as Jakarta vice governor for 2017-2022 term," said Sandiaga at the Jakarta City Hall earlier today.

    "I hope that Pak Gubernur could follow up this request according to the law," Sandiaga added.


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