Bali Strengthens Prevention of Covid-19

    Antara - 03 April 2020 15:32 WIB
    Bali Strengthens Prevention of Covid-19
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    Denpasar: Bali Governor Wayan Koster issued Gubernatorial Instruction No. 8551 of 2020 on strengthening prevention and management of covid-19 in Bali that is addressed to regents and mayors in the area and several related parties.

    "I urge the regents and mayors of Bali to coordinate and synergize with the local security forces, so that these instructions run effectively and to the Balinese people to implement these instructions in an orderly and disciplined manner and with full responsibility," Koster stated in Denpasar on Thursday, April 2, 2020.

    Apart from being conveyed to the regents and mayors, the Bali governor's instructions were also directed to Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia in Bali; Bali Traditional Village Council; Head of Region VIII Higher Education Service Institute; Head of Region IV Airport Authority; Head of KSOP Benoa; Head of KSOP Gilimanuk; Head of KSOP Padang Bai; Head of KSOP Celukan Bawang; and the Head of Land Transportation Organization of Regional XII.

    The Bali governor's instruction, dated April 1, 2020, encompassed provisions to tighten restrictions on residents engaging in outdoor activities, with emphasis on studying, working, and worshiping at home.

    "Teaching and learning activities for students from basic to higher level of education are conducted at home through the use of online learning media," he remarked.

    Government employees strive to conduct administrative tasks from home, barring those related to public services directly. Similarly, business and private activities should be conducted from home, except for those that provide services directly.

    Moreover, the instruction tightens the limit on crowd activities and tourist attractions by closing their operations; shutting down operations of night entertainment; doing away with crowd activities and/or entertainment, including tajen; and abolishing other activities that involve several people.

    The instruction also increases restrictions on traditional and religious activities by enforcing the need to conduct them at home. In the event of such activities being conducted outdoors, only 25 people at the most would be allowed, and they must maintain physical distance and follow clean and healthy living behaviors (PHBS).

    Koster explained that the instruction also steps up restrictions on people traveling outside and/or entering Bali, with provisions of travel outside and/or entering Bali only being permitted in the event of a pressing need or if a foreign citizen wanted to return to his country.

    "This restriction does not apply to logistics transportation, health handling requirements, security handling, and official duties of the central and local governments. The airport and port authorities should increase strict supervision and selection of people and/or passengers crossing according to the entrance protocol," he noted.

    He also respectfully pleaded with Balinese residents living outside Bali to not return to Bali during the covid-19 pandemic.

    "It is better to be patient by staying in their respective domicile, maximally preventing the spread of covid-19 for the sake of our safety. I beg you to always follow the directions of the president and the local government in an orderly and disciplined manner," Koster emphasized. (antara)


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