Govt Extends PPKM Outside Java, Bali until January 31

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 17 January 2022 19:00 WIB
Govt Extends PPKM Outside Java, Bali until January 31
The extension of PPKM will be implemented for the next 14 days.
Jakarta: The Indonesian Government has announced it continues the implementation of public activity restrictions (PPKM) in regions outside the islands of Java and Bali to 31 January 2022, according to Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto.

"The extension of PPKM will be implemented for the next 14 days from 18-31 January, which is based on the assessment level and vaccination progress. The regions with first dose coverage lower than 50 percent will have their PPKM assessment increased by one level," the Minister said through video conference after attending a limited meeting on evaluation of public activity restrictions (PPKM), Sunday, as quoted from the Cabinet Secretariat's website.


According to the Minister, the number of regencies/cities implementing PPKM level 1 have increased from 227 to 238 regions, regencies/cities categorized at level 2 have dropped from 148 to 138 regions, regencies/cities categorized at level 3 have dropped from 11 to 10 regions, and no more regencies/cities are at PPKM Level 4.

Based on data as of 15 January, national active cases stood at 8,463 cases with a total of 194 cases or 23 percent from regions outside Java-Bali islands.

Daily cases outside Java-Bali reached 69 cases with 66 local transmission cases and three imported cases, while daily mortality cases reached two cases.

Regarding the 2022 Indonesian MotoGP, Airlangga revealed that the Head of State approved the proposal to increase the number of spectators from 63 thousand to 100 thousand. 

On that occasion, Airlangga also unveiled that the Indonesian Government continues to speed up vaccination progress in Lombok Island, adding that vaccination coverage in the island is currently improving.


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