Ministry Readies Assistance for Smart City Development in Indonesia

Antara - 22 April 2022 15:57 WIB
Ministry Readies Assistance for Smart City Development in Indonesia
Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate. (Photo: MI/Pius Erlangga)
Jakarta: The Communication and Informatics Ministry (Kemenkominfo) readies assistance on the utilization of technology by the regional governments' program in order to support smart city development.

This step is taken, so that regional heads can receive policy formulation inputs in the form of an accurate Smart City Master Plan, Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate noted through a statement quoted on Friday.
However, assistance is not sufficient if the will and the policies of regional heads are not optimal. The success of smart city implementation hinges on policies and active participation of regional heads, he explained.

Various cities in the world currently implement the smart city development framework in order to handle urban problems that they encounter.

There are many applied technology solutions that can be developed within the framework of a smart city.

Plate cited the use of internet of things (IoT) to monitor and manage clean water quality and digital-based green technology approach that is currently being adopted by many countries.

An example of smart city is Jinan in China. The Jinan Traffic Train is used as a smart transportation management approach that has self-learning capability, he pointed out.

Technology that the Jinan Traffic Train utilizes can affect traffic light, analyze drivers' behavior in detail, and evaluate traffic density. Such data can be processed to produce accurate traffic policies.

The ministry encourages comprehensive implementation of the smart city framework through six main pillars: smart governance, smart infrastructure, smart economy, smart living, smart citizens, and smart environment.

The efforts made by the ministry pertain to smart infrastructure at the upstream and downstream levels, among others.

At the upstream level, the government builds optic fiber cable on land and sea, fiberlink, and microwave link; places high-throughput satellite into space; and builds the base transceiver station tower.

Infrastructure that exists in the downstream comprises cloud computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence. 


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