Govt Sends 20 Tons of Rice to Papua's Flood-Affected Victims

Antara - 10 January 2022 19:38 WIB
Govt Sends 20 Tons of Rice to Papuas Flood-Affected Victims
In recent years, some disasters have occurred in some districts and cities in Papua.
Jakarta: The Ministry of Social Affairs sent 20 tons of rice as well as several basic necessities, including blankets, mattresses, clothing, toothbrushes, and soaps, to Papuans impacted by a flooding disaster.

Head of the Papua Office of Social Affairs, Population, Empowerment of Women and Children, Nius Wenda, made the statement in Jayapura on Monday. Wenda spoke of his team having sent a letter to seek the ministry's support for handling the flooding disaster.


“The request has been answered and (the help) is in the (form of the) distribution of essentials to Papua," he noted.

Wenda pointed out that the procurement of logistics for Papua's victims of natural disasters had become less due to which he had sought help from the ministry.

"In recent years, some disasters have occurred in some districts and cities in Papua, and our logistics are not sufficient," he explained.

According to Wenda, the ministry had conveyed that logistical assistance was on the way and likely to arrive soon. Thereafter, the assistance would be distributed to the victims of flooding and landslides in Jayapura City.

Wenda spoke of his office having disseminated five tons of rice and instant meals on the first day since the flooding and landslide struck Jayapura City.

"The plan is that the Papua governor will directly hand over the (assistance) to flood victims," he pointed out.

Earlier, at least 7,005 residents of Jayapura City were affected by flooding and landslide on the evening of Thursday, January 6, 2022.

Papua Province's residents living in the districts of North Jayapura, South Jayapura, Abepura, and Heram were affected by the natural disasters.

Based on information from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), in addition to flooding, heavy rains in Jayapura also caused landslides. At least seven people died of the hydrometeorological disaster in addition to more than one thousand residents being displaced. 


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