Indonesian Navy Adds 2 Warships to Its Fleet

    Antara - 06 April 2021 13:25 WIB
    Indonesian Navy Adds 2 Warships to Its Fleet
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) has added two warships,  KAL Pandang I-1-72 and KAL Sarudik I-2-18, to its fleet to maintain security and uphold the law of the sea.

    The addition of the two warships is an integral part of the development of TNI AL's force, Naval Chief of Staff Admiral Yudo Margono said in a press statement released on Monday.

    "The two ships are ready to maintain security and uphold the law of the sea, which is the manifestation of the duties of professional, modern, and strong TNI AL soldiers," he said while inaugurating the ship-naming and launch of the two ships at Halte Slipway of PT Palindo Marine in Batam on Monday.

    The ship-naming and launch of the two 28-meter long and 6.2-meter wide ships is proof that Indonesian dockyard company PT Palindo Shipyard Marine Batam is able to support the strategic industry in the field of state defense in the sea, he added.

    PT Palindo has been able to accomplish its duties as a developer of defense technology and supporter of defense industry policy to reduce the country's dependence on foreign-made ships and achieve self-reliance in the defense industry, he noted.

    He said ship-naming is part of a series of ceremonial activities in the development of warships, which cover first steel-cutting, keel laying, ship-naming, launching, delivery and receiving, commissioning and inauguration.

    "Through this activity, I stress that the presence of KAL Pandang and KAL Sarudik will be able to increase the TNI AL's performance in carrying out its duties. Hence, the 28-meter long warships should be manned by professional and strong human resources so the warships can be operated and maintained optimally, supported by good management of the naval base," the Indonesian Navy leader said.


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