Indonesia Records 915 New Covid-19 Cases

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 15 October 2021 19:46 WIB
    Indonesia Records 915 New Covid-19 Cases
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian government today recorded 915 covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the country to 4,233,014.
    From Thursday noon until Friday noon, the total number of recovered covid-19 patients in the country increased by 1,408 to 4,070,807.
    In the same period, Indonesia's official covid-19 death toll was up by 41 to 142,889.

    The Task Force for Covid-19 Handling has issued a Circular Letter (SE) Number 20 of 2021 on Health Protocols for International Travel during the covid-19 pandemic


    "This Circular is effective starting 14 October 2021 until a later date is determined,” the SE writes, which was signed by the Chairperson of Covid-19 Task Force Ganip Warsito on 13 October 2021. 

    Ganip said that the purpose of this Circular is to implement health protocols for international travelers during the covid-19 pandemic. 

    According to him, the aim is to carry out monitoring, control, and evaluation in order to prevent an increase in the transmission of covid-19. 

    As stated in the Circular, an international traveler is someone who has traveled from abroad in the last fourteen days.


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