Indonesian Embassy Holds COVID-19 Vaccination for Indonesians in Sudan

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 09 June 2022 10:18 WIB
Indonesian Embassy Holds COVID-19 Vaccination for Indonesians in Sudan
The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum will continue to intensify vaccinations. (Photo: KBRI Khartoum)
Khartoum: The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum is committed to continuing to improve services and protection for the Indonesian people in Sudan, including optimal protection from the impact of the spread of COVID-19, which has not been fully resolved to date. 

In this regard, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum on Tuesday again carried out the 6th stage of COVID-19 vaccination activities for Indonesian citizens in Sudan. 
In this 6th stage of vaccination, 139 doses of vaccine have been injected, consisting of 49 doses of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and 1 dose of Pfizer for beginners and 89 Pfizer as a booster dose. 

The J&J vaccine is only a single injection and is a booster after 6 months.

"The Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan, Mr. Sunarko, in his speech explained about the progress of handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia which was well controlled. Based on Central data, as many as 167 million or about 74% of the Indonesian population have received the complete dose of vaccine and 46 million booster doses with the national vaccination target reaching 202 million of the approximately 273 Indonesian population,"the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum said in a press release on Thursday.

This good national vaccination program has had a significant positive impact, which can be seen from economic, socio-cultural and community activities that continue to run well. 

In addition, the Government has also removed the PCR obligation for people traveling within the country and expanded the entrance for foreign nationals visiting Indonesia.

Until now, the number of Indonesian citizens who received the full dose of the vaccine has reached 473 people or 35% of the total Indonesian citizens, namely 1340 people. 

The high vaccination achievement is due to the large awareness of Indonesian citizens in Sudan about the importance of protecting themselves and their families and creating a healthy environment or herd immunity.

"The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum will continue to intensify vaccinations for all Indonesian citizens in Sudan in accordance with the availability of vaccines and the period. All Indonesian citizens, including those who have received booster vaccines, are encouraged to continue to apply health protocols," the Indonesian Embassy stated.


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