Indonesians Urged to Remain Vigilant of Covid-19

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 03 May 2021 11:04 WIB
    Indonesians Urged to Remain Vigilant of Covid-19
    President Joko Widodo (

    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has urged the public to remain vigilant of covid-19 transmission risks despite a drop in active cases and progress in the Government’s vaccination program. 

    "We must stay highly vigilant. We cannot let our guards down. We cannot underestimate covid-19," the President said in a statement at Bogor Presidential Palace, Bogor City, West Java province on Sunday, as quoted from the Cabinet Secretariat's website.

    The curve of covid-19 cases in Indonesia has flattened lately since micro-scale public activity restrictions and mass vaccination programs were in place. 

    As of Sunday, the number of active cases in the country has decreased to approximately 100,000 and there is also an upward trend of covid-19 patient recovery and a downward trend of daily cases. 

    However, amid the positive improvement, the Head of State reminded the public not to be overconfident and euphoric as the improvement resulted from recent pandemic management measures does not indicate that the pandemic has been completely under control. 

    The President added that everyone, including those in the red, orange, yellow, and green zones who have been and have not been vaccinated, must remain disciplined in observing health protocols, namely by wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance, and washing hands routinely. 

    The President also pointed out that the positive improvement of covid-19 pandemic management has boosted economic activities in the regions, adding that the recovery momentum must be maintained by heightening discipline in observing health protocols. 


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