Death Toll in East Java Quake Climbs to 8

    Antara - 12 April 2021 15:08 WIB
    Death Toll in East Java Quake Climbs to 8
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    Jakarta: The death toll in a powerful earthquake that struck several parts of East Java increased to eight on Sunday, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).

    Of the total number of people that died, five were from Lumajang Regency and three from Malang Regency, Chief of the BNPB Center for Disaster Data, Information, and Communication Raditya Jati noted during an online press conference in Jakarta on Sunday.

    Most of them died after building material collapsed on them, he remarked.

    Jati noted that 39 people had sustained injuries owing to the quake.

    The quake caused serious damage to 642 houses, moderate damage to 845 houses, and light damage to 1,361 houses. Furthermore, 179 public facilities were damaged.

    According to the BNPB, the 6.1-magnitude quake, centered 90 kilometers south of Kepanjen, Malang Regency, caused material damage and claimed lives in 16 districts and cities in the province.

    Jati noted that eight aftershocks were recorded following the 6.1-magnitude quake on Saturday evening. 


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