Health Minister Urges Elderly in Papua to Get Vaccinated against Covid-19

    Antara - 15 April 2021 17:03 WIB
    Health Minister Urges Elderly in Papua to Get Vaccinated against Covid-19
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    Jakarta: Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin has appealed to the elderly in Jayapura, capital of Papua province,  to get vaccinated against covid-19 to boost their endurance and protection against the infection caused by the coronavirus.

    Head of the Jayapura City Health Office, Dr Nyoman Antari, remarked here on Wednesday that the health minister put forth the request while observing the vaccinations at VIM Village of Jayapura on Wednesday.

    He noted that the Jayapura city government lauded the minister’s visit amid efforts to intensify covid-19 vaccination and accord priority to the elderly as well as health workers and public service workers for vaccines.

    During the health minister’s visit, the Jayapura City Health Office conveyed the covid-19 vaccine requirement in the city on account of the implementation of National Sports Week (PON) scheduled soon in the city.

    "We need 470,000 doses, as only 32 thousand people have been vaccinated so far. We do not want to transmit or we are infected with COVID-19," Antari stated.

    He noted that 1,250 elderly were vaccinated so far out of the targeted 30 thousand people. Only a small segment of elderly have been vaccinated since several senior citizens are reluctant to get inoculated and also since several of them have comorbidities.

    However, he emphasized that the city government will continue to disseminate information, so that they are ready to get vaccinated against covid-19 to help boost their immune system.


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