Jakarta Governor Plans to Build 101 Kilometers of Cycle Lanes

    Antara - 03 June 2021 16:43 WIB
    Jakarta Governor Plans to Build 101 Kilometers of Cycle Lanes
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Jakarta: Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan plans to build 101 kilometers of cycle lanes in the capital this year.

    "The existing cycle lanes have a total length of 63 kilometers. With the addition of 101 kilometers this year, we are optimistic of Jakarta having 170 kilometers of cycle lanes at the end of this year," Baswedan noted at the Jakarta City Hall on Thursday.


    The cycle lanes are being built in the capital to facilitate city residents to ride bicycles safely, he remarked.

    "We also necessitate (the management of high-rise) buildings to provide at least 10 percent of the available parking lots for bicycles, so employees, who cycle to work, will feel comfortable," he remarked.

    Chief of the Jakarta Transportation Office Syafrin Liputo remarked that his side was discussing the planned construction of 101 kilometers of cycle lanes with various stakeholders to determine routes.

    "In principle, the new routes will be integrated with the existing cycle lanes," he remarked.

    The new cycle lanes will be built after assessing the capacity of roads and the preparedness of infrastructure for modes of public transportation.

    "We will take into account the capacity of roads and the condition of public transport services, and we will integrate the cycle lanes with the roads. We have targeted to commence the project in the not so distant future, and we are making preparations for it," he remarked.

    To mark World Bicycle Day, batik-clad Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan along with Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Lambert Grijns cycled on the route of the Bunderan Senayan-Jakarta City Hall earlier in the day.

    Baswedan was dressed in red Batik and wore a helmet on his head while riding his bike. On arrival in Bundaran Senayan at 6:45 a.m. local time, he was welcomed by Ambassador Grijns, who had earlier reached the appointed meeting point.

    Baswedan said he chose to wear Batik while cycling to his office to project to the public that cycling is not only seen as a sport but also as a mode of transportation.

    “Hence, no need to ride special bikes, wear special shoes. We can ride any types of bicycles and wear any clothes, our daily clothes. Just put on a helmet before we ride,” he remarked.

    “On this World Bicycle Day, let us ride bicycles to our offices and back to our homes. I do the same. Today, I ride my bicycle from home and do not wear a sporty attire, but today’s uniform is Batik,” he highlighted.

    The governor made this appeal to the public, so that Jakartans can become healthier, both physically and mentally.


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