Political Party Funds in DKI Jakarta DPRD Increase in 2020

    Ilham Pratama Putra - 10 Desember 2019 10:53 WIB
    Political Party Funds in DKI Jakarta DPRD Increase in 2020
    DKI Jakarta's Draft Budget for Regional Revenue and Expenditure (RAPBD) discussion. Photo: Medcom.id/Ilham Pratama Putra
    Jakarta: Funds for financial assistance for political parties that get seats in Jakarta’s Regional People's Representative Council (DKI Jakarta DPRD) have increased. From the previous Rp13.8 billion to Rp27 billion in 2020.
    "An additional total of IDR14 billion. Which makes it a total of Rp27 billion," said Chairman of Commission A of DKI Jakarta DPRD, Mujiyono in the Draft Budget for Regional Revenue and Expenditure (RAPBD) at the DKI Jakarta DPRD building on Monday 9 December 2019.
    The increase occurred due to the proposed price per vote. Commission A of the DKI DPRD proposes an increase from Rp2,600 to Rp5,000 per vote in the 2020 DKI Jakarta Regional Budget (RAPBD).
    The increase in the budget of political party funds had an impact on the overall budget increase in Commission A. Initially, the proposed budget for the needs of Commission A was Rp10,405 trillion.
    "Initially, we proposed from Rp10,405 trillion to around Rp10,419 trillion after this discussion and we brought it to this meeting," he said.
    The increase in political party funds does not conflict with the Government law (PP) Number 1 of 2018 concerning Financial Assistance to Political Parties. With these rules, it does not rule out the possibility of political party funds to increase by 100 percent.


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