Indonesia Announces 3,807 New Coronavirus Cases

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 17 November 2020 15:57 WIB
    Indonesia Announces 3,807 New Coronavirus Cases
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    Jakarta: Indonesia's Covid-19 Handling Task Force on Tuesday confirmed 3,807 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Indonesia to 474,455.
    Based on data issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, from Monday noon to Tuesday noon, there were 3,193 recovered patients and 97 confirmed covid-19 deaths.
    Meanwhile, as of Tuesday, the goverment has recorded 398,636 recovered patients and 15,393 confirmed covid-19 deaths.

    To tackle the spread of coronavirus, the public have been urged to implement strict health protocols such as wearing face masks, regularly washing hands and always maintaining safe distance.
    In addition, the Indonesian government has distributed medical supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE), portable ventilators, pcr test kits, and reagents.

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