West Jakarta Police Seizes Drugs Worth Rp25 Billion

    Antara - 12 Mei 2020 12:58 WIB
    West Jakarta Police Seizes Drugs Worth Rp25 Billion
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Jakarta: The West Jakarta Metropolitan Police, in separate operations, arrested three suspected drug dealers and seized drugs worth Rp25 billion, which were meant for distribution during the imposition of large-scale social restrictions. 

    The contraband was seized during drug raids conducted by Unit 1 of the West Jakarta Police Drug Unit, Kalideres Police, and Kembangan Police, said chief of public relations of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Force, Police Chief Commissioner Yusri Yunus.

    "During the covid-19 pandemic, the West Jakarta Metropolitan Police and their officers were able to secure evidence (of drug trafficking) with a total of 26.8 kilograms of methamphetamine (seized)," Yunus said on Monday, May 11, 2020 in Jakarta.

    Offering details, he said that Unit 1 of the West Jakarta Metro Police’s Drug Unit thwarted the distribution of 10 kilograms of methamphetamine at a boarding house in Tanjung Duren.

    Meanwhile, the Kalideres Police busted an international network of drug syndicates and arrested two suspects, identified by their initials as NTO (32) and WNR (34), with 14.4 kilograms of methamphetamine.

    The busts were carried out in two different places — the Ruko Gading Kirana complex and the MOI Kelapa Gading apartment in North Jakarta.

    Furthermore, the Kembangan Police arrested one more person, identified by his initials as MY (35), with 2.4 kilograms of methamphetamine.

    The total worth of the drugs seized during the raids stood at Rp25 billion, he said.

    The offenders would be subject to article 114 paragraph 2 sub-article 112 paragraph 2 of Law No. 35 of 2009 on narcotics. (antara)


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