Frequency of Flights Dipped 90% Owing to Eid Exodus Ban: Operator

    Antara - 07 May 2021 17:47 WIB
    Frequency of Flights Dipped 90% Owing to Eid Exodus Ban: Operator
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    Jakarta: Flight frequency at Indonesia's airports plunged by 90 percent after the ban on mudik (Eid al-Fitr exodus) on May 6-17, according to President Director of the state-run airport operator Angkasa Pura (AP) II Muhammad Awaluddin.

    "The first day of the imposition of the mudik ban on May 6 has run optimally at airports under the AP II management. Flight traffic at the AP II airports, including the largest Soekarno-Hatta Airport, declined by 90 percent as compared to the previous days. This indicated that people did not travel except in an urgent situation," Awaluddin noted in a press statement here on Friday.


    The AP II president director remarked that some airlines confirmed to not be operating flights on May 6-17, and airports under the AP II management had only accommodated people with urgent need for travel.

    Awaluddin said passengers that had already bought tickets for those days would be offered options by the airlines in the form of ticket refund, rescheduling, and rebooking or rerouting.

    "Airports, under AP II, would contribute to the efforts to curb the COVID-19 transmission by implementing the mudik ban," he remarked.

    The COVID-19 Handling Task Force has issued Circular Number 13 of 2021 on the mudik ban to stem the transmission of COVID-19 during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

    The ban is excluded for logistics distribution service vehicles and travelers with urgent needs for non-mudik purposes, specifically work or business trips, sick family visits, funeral visits of family members, pregnant women accompanied by one family member and childbirth purposes accompanied by a maximum of two people.

    Travelers across cities, districts, provinces, and countries during the ban period must have a printed written travel permit or Exit-Entry Permit (SIKM).


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