Govt Continues to Speed up Distribution of Social Assistance: Minister

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 27 July 2021 12:15 WIB
    Govt Continues to Speed up Distribution of Social Assistance: Minister
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    Jakarta: Following the implementation of public activity restriction (PPKM) to curb the spread of covid-19, the Indonesian Government continues to speed up distribution of social assistance to the people.

    "In normal conditions, the Government provides two kinds of asssistance managed by Ministry of Social Affairs, namely BPNT or non-cash food assistance and Staple Food Card through e-store and Aspiring Family Program (PKH). However, amid covid-19, the Government also provides cash social assistance (BST)," Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini said in a statement on Monday at the Presidential Office in Jakarta, as quoted by the Cabinet Secretariat's website.


    According to Risma, within the the targeted six months, the Government has distributed BST amounting to Rp300,000 per month for each beneficiary from January to April this year, while the BST for May and June 2021 will be distributed this month.

    In the meantime, BPNT and PKH will be distributed at the same time, the Minister said.

    She revealed that that most beneficiaries of PKH are also beneficiaries of BPNT and the Government has increased BPNT allocation by extending the program period for two months until August.

    She added that the amount of PKH received by beneficiaries is adjusted to the composition of the family.

    Furthermore, to ease the economic impact from PPKM, the Minister stated that the Government also provides additional rice assistance of 10 kilograms for each PKH and BST family beneficiary.

    The Minister further said that the Government will also provide assistance to 5.9 million family beneficiaries as proposed by regional governments.


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