2 Kupang Residents Infected after Forcefully Claiming Body of Deceased Covid-19 Patient

    Antara - 23 July 2021 19:06 WIB
    2 Kupang Residents Infected after Forcefully Claiming Body of Deceased Covid-19 Patient
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Kupang: Two from a family of 11 members, who forcefully claimed a covid-19 body on July 17, got infected by the virus as they were confirmed positive following a rapid antigen test on Thursday.

    "On Thursday, July 22, the Kupang City Police and Kupang Public Health Office had conducted an antigen test on 11 family members of a covid-19 patient whose body was taken forcefully, and the result showed that the two people tested positive (for cpvid-19)," Rishian Krisna B, spokesman of the East Nusa Tenggara Police,  stated here on Friday.


    The two that claimed the patient’s body got infected, he remarked.

    On Saturday, the body of the covid-19 patient was forcefully taken by the family during a funeral that followed the covid-19 protocols.

    The family did not accept the covid-19 positive verdict of their deceased member. Furthermore, they were keen to conduct a funeral for the deceased one at home.

    The local police was quick to mediate through negotiation between the Kupang City Police and the deceased member's family.

    "After a long argument, the family allowed the covid-19 Task Force to bury the body at the Batukadera Kupang City Grave Site where the burial was conducted in keeping with the covid-19 protocols," he remarked.

    A family member, Abdullah Ulomando, apologized to the Kupang residents for their unbecoming behaviour.

    "We apologize for (our) faults that caused the husband and child of the deceased one to contract covid-19," he stated.

    Ulomando believes that the incident would serve as a lesson for the other residents of Kupang.

    The family appealed the public to listen to the directives given by medical personnel and follow the government’s policy in handling covid-19 patients.  


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