SAR Agency Deploys KN Basudewa Ship to Monitor Mount Anak Krakatau

Antara - 26 April 2022 19:37 WIB
SAR Agency Deploys KN Basudewa Ship to Monitor Mount Anak Krakatau
KN SAR 224 Basudewa will be on standby on Sebesi Island. (Photo:
Bandarlampung: Lampung Province's National Search and Rescue (SAR) Agency has deployed the KN SAR 224 Basudewa ship to monitor conditions of the erupting Mount Anak Krakatau during the Eid al-Fitr exodus period.

"For the special SAR mission, we have deployed KN SAR 224 Basudewa that will be on standby on Sebesi Island during the heightened volcanic activities in Mount Anak Krakatau," the regional agency head Jumaril noted here on Tuesday.
Apart from conducting monitoring and, if required, evacuation missions relevant to the Anak Krakatau volcanic activities, KN Basudewa will also be ready to anticipate marine disasters during the Eid exodus period, he stated.

"The ship will be ready at two points, precisely, in Bakauheni, to anticipate marine disaster, and in Sebesi Island, as a standby measure and to monitor volcanic activities in Mount Anak Krakatau that coincides with the Eid exodus period," the regional agency head noted.

Jumaril stated that the 40-metre KN SAR 224 Basudewa, with a maximum speed of 30 knots and operated by 16 crews, could accommodate up to 150 people and is capable of promptly responding to emergency situations at sea.

The SAR agency head then urged residents to not venture too close to Mount Anak Krakatau.

"Residents, particularly fishermen, are discouraged from sailing within a five-kilometer radius of Mount Anak Krakatau to prevent unwanted accidents," Jumaril remarked.

Residents in coastal areas are also urged to prepare and always wear masks to shield themselves from volcanic ash spewed from the volcano to prevent health effects due to ash inhalation, he stated.

Jumaril also affirmed that the SAR agency always coordinates with relevant authorities to anticipate possible effects of Mount Anak Krakatau's eruption, particularly during the Eid homecoming period.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources' Geological Agency had urged residents and tourists to avoid accessing areas within five kilometers of Mount Anak Krakatau following a change in its volcanic activity status, from level II (standby) to level III (alert).


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