108 Hotels Ready to Accommodate Asymptomatic Covid-19 Patients: PHRI

    Putri Anisa Yuliani - 08 Oktober 2020 18:03 WIB
    108 Hotels Ready to Accommodate Asymptomatic Covid-19 Patients: PHRI
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)
    Jakarta: Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) has revealed that as many as 108 hotels in nine provinces are interested to house asymptomatic covid-19 patients.

    According to PHRI's Jakarta Chapter Head Krisnadi, most of the hotels are located in Jakarta Special Capital Region, East Java Province and Central Java Province.

    "The 108 hotels can provide around 13,300 isolation rooms for asymptomatic covid-19 patients," Krisnadi said here on Thursday.

    "They are only waiting for the approval of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force," he stated.

    On Thursday, The National Covid-19 Handling Task Force confirmed 4,850 new covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Indonesia to 320,564.

    Based on data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, from Wednesday noon to Thursday noon, the total number of recovered covid-19 patients across Indonesia increased by 3,769 to 244,060.

    Meanwhile, in the same period, the official covid-19 death toll in the country rose by 108 to 11,580.


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