Ministry Suggests Advancing Cooperation in Manpower with Singapore

    Antara - 23 June 2021 16:58 WIB
    Ministry Suggests Advancing Cooperation in Manpower with Singapore
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    Jakarta: Indonesia has recommended to intensify cooperation in the manpower sector with Singapore, such as through the development of technology digitalization for the youth.

    “Some points proposed for expanding this cooperation are expected to have positive impacts on advancement of the digitalization ecosystem in Indonesia,” Manpower Ministry’s Secretary General, Anwar Sanusi, noted in an official press release received here on Wednesday.


    The advancement in cooperation encompasses, for instance, the request of Singaporean expert assistance in developing the ministry’s innovation center and talent hub focused on the transfer of knowledge and innovation pertaining to technology digitalization for the youth as well as developing the digital ecosystem in Indonesia, he explained.

    At the bilateral meeting with Singaporean Manpower Minister, Dr. Tan See Leng, Sanusi discussed about the advancement in cooperation between Indonesia and Singapore pertaining to the development of technology of talent (ToT).

    The scope of expected cooperation encompasses the Singaporean experts’ assistance, virtual reality development, ToT for Vocational Training Center (BLK), technology training to support the “Making Indonesia 4.0” implementation, and technology capacity on critical occupation list (COL).

    “The ministry has provided details on the proposal concept to Singapore through the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs in a bid to gain feedback from it. Currently, Singapore is observing the cooperation potential that can be established and is identifying the relevant institutions in Singapore,” Sanusi revealed.

    At the meeting, Indonesia also sought the Singaporean government’s support to succeed Indonesia’s candidacy at the 2020-2022 ASEAN Labor Ministerial Meeting and Indonesia’s 2022 Presidency in the G20.

    Moreover, the Indonesian government sought its Singaporean counterpart’s support to help safeguard against the disease and handle transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as promote the importance of vaccination for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) along with their families in Singapore.


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