Indra Bambang Utoyo Annnounces Bid for Golkar Leadership

    Arga sumantri - 26 November 2019 16:53 WIB
    Indra Bambang Utoyo Annnounces Bid for Golkar Leadership
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)
    Jakarta: The Functional Groups (Golkar) Party politician Indra Bambang Utoyo has asserted that the will take part in the party’s chairman election at the party’s national conference. 

    According to him, the election should not only be filled with only two candidates, Airlangga Hartarto and
    Bambang Soesatyo.

    “The fact that there are only two candidates in the election is bad for the party’s unity," Indra said here on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.
    He warned that Golkar is vulnerable to being politically divided if there are only two candidates.  He cited the 2013 party’s chairman election where there were only two

    “There was tension between the supporters of Aburizal Bakrie and Agung Laksono during the 2013 party’s chairman election,” said Indra.

    Golkar will hold its chairman election in the upcoming national conference forum scheduled in December of 2019. The incumbent party’s chairman, Airlangga Hartarto is expected to take part in the contest alongside with the Vice-Coordinator of the Party, Bambang Soesatyo, who has officially declared to take part. (Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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