Ministry Readies Rp5.1 Trillion Budget for Housing in 2022

Antara - 11 January 2022 17:35 WIB
Ministry Readies Rp5.1 Trillion Budget for Housing in 2022
The Ministry wants residents to live in proper and quality housing.
Jakarta: The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has readied Rp5.1 trillion (US$357 million) for the ministry's housing provision and renovation program in 2022.

"We want residents to live in proper and quality housing, especially those who get their housing through the government's financial assistance. We must also ensure that residents get their houses as a fulfillment of their rights, and to this end, developers must commit to meeting their obligations," PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono noted in a written statement in Jakarta on Tuesday.


Meanwhile, Director General of Housing Iwan Suprijanto affirmed that the agency would optimize the Rp5.1-trillion budget for the provision of special housing and flat complex, renovation assistance for low-quality houses, and housing utilities and facilities for low-income residents.

"Targets designated under the national medium-term development plan for the 2020-2024 period push the government and stakeholders in the housing sector to strive for ensuring that 70 percent of Indonesians live in quality housing through the provision of 11 million housing units," Suprijanto stated.

The development plan targets procurement of 1,823 special house units and 5,141 flats, renovation of 87.5 thousand low-quality houses owned by low-income residents, and construction of new utilities and facilities by the ministry for 20.5 thousand low-income residents' houses, the director general noted.

He expressed hope that regional governments, housing developer companies, the banking sector, and residents would support the ministry's housing provision program.

"We hope that employees can reflect our ministry's spirit while performing their daily duty. We are also ready to collaborate with all stakeholders in the housing sector to ensure more Indonesians will live in a quality housing unit," Suprijanto remarked.

The director general also made assurance that the agency will monitor the construction quality of housing units built for the program.

"The monitoring is necessary to ensure the success of the One Million Housing Units Program, and residents, who received the benefits, will be able to live comfortably in their quality homes," he affirmed.


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