Indonesia Has Safe Supply Sources for Covid-19 Vaccine Procurement: Minister

    Antara - 19 April 2021 17:04 WIB
    Indonesia Has Safe Supply Sources for Covid-19 Vaccine Procurement: Minister
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    Jakarta: Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin drew attention to the competition for the covid-19 vaccines getting stiffer at the global level while affirming that Indonesia had safe supply sources for procurement of the covid-19 vaccines.

    "Indeed, now, the fight for vaccines is getting tougher all across the world. Alhamdulillah, Indonesia has four sources of vaccines," Sadikin stated at the National Gallery, Jakarta, during a vaccination campaign broadcast live by the Presidential Secretariat here on Monday.


    The four sources for vaccine procurement for Indonesia are manufacturers from China, Britain, the United States, and Germany-the United States. 

    Thus, in the event of one supply source being interrupted, Indonesia can rely on other sources of supply, Sadikin expounded.

    "Well, the smooth supply source is from China, as they routinely do shipments every two weeks," the the minister noted.

    On Sunday, Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac Biotech Ltd dispatched six million doses of the vaccine raw material bulk as part of the planned 140 million bulk shipments. 

    The delivery is the eighth arrival so far. 

    Raw material for the vaccine will be processed by Indonesian pharmaceutical PT Bio Farma Persero into a finished product for inoculation.

    With the latest arrival, Indonesia has received raw materials, totaling 53.5 million, for the vaccine developed by Sinovac.


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