Mount Semeru Volcano Eruption Claims 39 Lives: BNPB

Antara - 09 December 2021 15:39 WIB
Mount Semeru Volcano Eruption Claims 39 Lives: BNPB
The number of residents evacuated due to the eruption increased on Thursday.
Jakarta: The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) reported that the avalanches of hot clouds spewed by Mount Semeru in Lumajang District, East Java Province, killed 39 people.

"Data on the death toll per day recorded 39 people dead and 13 still missing," Acting Head of Data, Information, and Disaster Communication Center from BNPB Abdul Muhari noted in his statement received here Thursday.
Muhari later remarked that officers on the field were still in the process of identifying and verifying the victims.

As for the search of the missing victims, the joint Search and Rescue (SAR) team is focusing on the villages of Renteng, Sumberwuluh, and Curah Kobokan for the next six days.

In addition, the number of residents evacuated due to the eruption increased on Thursday.

"Data from the Emergency Response Command Post on December 8 reported 6,022 survivors spread over 115 refugee posts," an official from the Command Post Aam noted.

The Command Post continues to update data on the affected residents evacuated to the districts of Lumajang, Malang, and Blitar.

The highest number of refugees was reported in Candipuro Sub-district, at 2,331 people, 983 people in Pasirian Sub-district, 525 in Pronojiwo Sub-district, 554 in Tempeh Sub-district, 302 in Sumbersuko Sub-district, 271 in Lumajang District, 212 in Pasrujambe Sub-district, 204 in Sukodono Sub-district, 127 in Kunir Sub-district, 67 in Tekung Sub-district, and 66 in Senduro Sub-district.

The refugee count in other sub-districts comprised 62 people in Padang, 59 in Jatiroto, 50 in Kedungjajang, 45 in Klakah, 40 in Yosowilangun, 37 in Rowokangkung, 26 in Ranuyoso, 24 in Randuagung, 23 in Tempursari, and 14 in Gucialit.

At the coordination meeting in the Command Post held on Thursday, officials focused on the handling of basic needs service for refugees. The operational capacity in public kitchens will be increased and the refugees' requirements for a comfortable space and portable toilets will be fulfilled.

The Command Post is also in the process of identifying safe educational facilities for child refugees.

In addition to refugee shelters, the eruption had impacted the residents' assets, such as the people's houses and livestock. Temporary data records the disaster destroyed 2,970 houses and 3,026 livestock animals comprising 764 cows, 684 goats, and 1,578 other poultry.

Meanwhile, temporary data on the affected public facilities comprise 42 educational facilities, 17 worship facilities, one health facility, and one damaged bridge that connected Lumajang to Malang District.


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