Athletes Competing in Tokyo Olympics to Receive Award: Sports Minister

    Antara - 30 July 2021 16:24 WIB
    Athletes Competing in Tokyo Olympics to Receive Award: Sports Minister
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    Jakarta: Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali has made assurance that the government will reward all Indonesian athletes that participate in the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020.

    However, Amali steered clear of furnishing a concrete answer to queries on the form of reward to be given to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 medal winners. He noted that the reward will be announced once all Indonesian athletes return to the country.


    "There will be (a reward), but it will be different for each athlete. However, I have made assurance that all those who leave for and compete in Tokyo, both athletes and coaches, will receive a reward from the government," he asserted during a virtual press conference here on Tuesday.

    During the press conference, Amali also expressed gratitude to athletes, who have competed and represented the Red and White flag in the sports event held every four years.

    The sport minister opined that athletes, who had yet to bag a medal, were still heroes for putting in their best in the Olympics Games Tokyo 2020.

    Amali advised athletes to not let their guard down and prepared themselves for the future single and multi events, including the qualifier round for the Olympics Games Paris 2024.

    The first batch of the Indonesian team that competed in the Tokyo Olympics has arrived home on Thursday night.

    The first batch comprised seven athletes: Eko Yuli Irawan; Windy Cantika Aisah; Deni, who competed in the weightlifting event; Mutiara Putri and Melani Putri, who competed in the canoe slalom event; Azzahra Permatahani, who competed in the swimming event; and Rio Waida, who competed in the surfing event.

    In accordance with the Indonesian government's regulation on health protocols to be followed for international travel, the athletes are required to first undergo quarantine for eight days.


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