COVID-19 is Enemy of Indonesian Youth: BPIP

    Antara - 28 October 2021 15:58 WIB
    COVID-19 is Enemy of Indonesian Youth: BPIP
    The younger generation in Indonesia is facing a different enemy in the form of COVID-19.

    Jakarta: Agency for Pancasila Ideology Education (BPIP) Head Yudian Wahyudi believes that COVID-19 is the enemy of today’s youth and to win the war against it, vaccination and bolstering the immune system are deemed necessary.

    Wahyudi conveyed the statement while giving a speech at the Vaccination Center Collaboration event themed "The Role of Youth in the Post-COVID-19 Recovery Strategy" held to commemorate the 93rd Youth Pledge Day, which was uploaded through the BPIP RI YouTube channel, monitored from here, Thursday.


    Wahyudi noted that the problems faced by the youth back then differed from those youngsters are currently encountering.

    "Now, in celebrating Youth Pledge Day, the problems we face today are different from the those encountered by the youth back then. Today, we are facing an enemy called ‘the third world war,’ which is the COVID-19 pandemic," he affirmed.

    He remarked that in the past, the younger generation fought against the colonists that had colonized Indonesia for a long time by making three vows to recognize only one motherland, one nation, and one language.

    Now, the younger generation in Indonesia is facing a different enemy in the form of COVID-19, which is invisible but can kill those who are not equipped with weapons, he stressed.

    Wahyudi noted that in the war against COVID-19, a medical mask is one of the weapons that can be used by the younger generation and all Indonesian people. Masks must be used to avoid transmission of the virus as well as comply with other health protocols that have been established, he added.

    The BPIP head appealed to the younger generation to actively play a role in fighting and tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, so that the nation can quickly rise and be free from the pandemic.

    "The younger generation can take part in bolstering the immune system by getting vaccinated," he remarked.


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