General Soedirman Airport Expected to Boost Local Economy

    Nur Azizah - 11 June 2021 14:34 WIB
    General Soedirman Airport Expected to Boost Local Economy
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    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) hopes that General Soedirman Airport in Purbalingga Regency, Central Java Province, could increase the local economy. 

    The infrastructure is hoped to also impact the lives of people in Wonosobo, Cilacap, Banjarnegara, and Kebumen.


    “We hope this airport can better improve the movements of people and goods so that it would contribute to the economic growth in the Southern Part of Central Java,” said Jokowi in Purbalingga on Friday.

    “Despite the incompletion of the terminal, last week, it started to serve flights between Jakarta and Purbalingga as well as Purbalingga and Surabaya," said Jokowi.

    Jokowi appreciated the work of Angkasa Pura II which still operates the airport even though the development is not 100 percent finished. 

    “This is good, I am glad that despite the terminal is still not finished, but the airport is operational," he said.

    I think this is more productive" he said.

    Previously, the JB Soedirman Airport Purbalingga was used as a type C Military Air Force Base. 

    Since early June, the airport has been used for commercial purposes after PT Angkasa Pura II received permits and certificates from the Ministry of Transportation. (Translator: Natasha Celia)


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