Minister Visits Flash Flood Affected Villages in North Sumatra

Antara - 04 January 2022 19:03 WIB
Minister Visits Flash Flood Affected Villages in North Sumatra
The flash flood hit five villages in Padang Lawas.
Sibuhuan: Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini visited five flash flood affected villages in Padang Lawas district, North Sumatra, on Monday evening.

Her entourage comprised acting head of Palas district, Ahmad Zarnawi Pasaribu; Palas Police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Indra Yanitra Irawan; and Regional Secretary Arpan Nasution.
They inspected the public elementary school and homes damaged by the flash flood in Tamiang village. They also met with victims of the flash flood at Babul Hasanah Islamic Boarding School Refugee Post, Manggis village.

The minister also inspected evacuation posts, natural disaster management officers' posts in Tanjung Baru village, as well as public kitchen facilities during her visit.

Rismaharini symbolically handed over logistical assistance worth Rp762,115,403 for victims of the Palas flash flood.

She said that her administration will wait for a mutual agreement involving officials from the village level, sub-district government, and Palas regional leadership coordination forum for handling the fulfillment of the housing needs of flash flood victims.

"We'll discuss it together because we can't make a decision now. If suddenly there will be rain, (it would show whether) is the location suitable or not. I asked the regional leadership coordination forum to meet and consult with experts from universities on the feasibility of the location. Because if we build it out of nowhere, and suddenly there were problems, it would be dangerous, not to mention it causing casualties. That should not happen, and to meet that ends, the regional leadership coordination forum will negotiate according to what I asked earlier, whether it will be relocation or whatever else, because it must be seen from the (point of) feasibility," she remarked.

She said that in the past, houses were built and given, and later on, they were destroyed by landslides. This should be prevented this time, she stressed.

Acting head of Palas district, Ahmad Zarnawi Pasaribu, lauded the minister and her entourage for visiting the flash flood locations as well as providing assistance.

He said he expected the visit to strengthen the collaboration between his administration and the Social Affairs Ministry.

"The arrival of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini is a great honor for all of us. May this event be blessed by God, and it brings positive things to all of us, especially to our brothers and sisters who were victims of the flash flood," he remarked.

The flash flood hit five villages in Padang Lawas district, North Sumatra: Tamiang, Tanjung Barani, Tanjung Baru, Manggis, and Siadam villages, Batang Lubu Sutam sub-district. 


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