Govt Ensures Age Group over 18 to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine

    Antara - 10 June 2021 15:57 WIB
    Govt Ensures Age Group over 18 to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian government has ensured that people in the age group of over 18 years will receive the covid-19 vaccine to expand vaccination coverage to 70 percent across Indonesia.

    "The age group above 18 years is one of the community groups targeted by the government, and we will definitely give vaccines according to the priorities of these groups," spokesperson for the Covid-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito, noted in a statement received here on Thursday.


    Adisasmito noted that the acceleration of vaccination continues to be conducted for priority groups that are more at risk of being exposed to covid-19, in addition to the age group above 18 years to also be given the vaccine.

    The government is already making preparations for the availability of vaccines. Gradually, some vulnerable groups have been vaccinated, such as the elderly and pre-elderly citizens as well as public service workers, such as teachers, who are the key component of the population for national development.

    Based on data as of June 8, the number of people, who have received the covid-19 vaccine, reached 40.3 million people comprising health workers and public service officers.

    The central government also continues to encourage local governments to continue to increase the number of vaccine recipients.

    "Thus, increasingly more number of people will be protected in addition to minimizing transmission occurring in the community," Adisasmito remarked.


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