Govt Cancels 2020 National Exams

    Antara - 24 Maret 2020 17:59 WIB
    Govt Cancels 2020 National Exams
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: The government has canceled the 2020 national examinations following several deliberations, particularly in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

    "After our deliberation and discussion with the president and other instances, we have decided to revoke the 2020 national exams," Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim stated after a videoconference meeting on the 2020 National Examinations Policy in Jakart on Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

    The decision to revoke the 2020 national exams was taken following deliberations concerning several factors, including the health and safety aspect of the students.

    The minister pointed to the risk being posed to the health of students participating in national exams at their designated venues.

    "The risk looms large not only for the students themselves but also their families and grandparents. The number of students scheduled to take the national exams is quite significant, reaching eight million," he noted.

    Hence, he stressed that the safety and health of students and their families were of paramount importance, and to this end, the 2020 national examinations had been cancelled.

    "We are also already aware that the exams are not a requisite for graduation or higher education selection requirements. I think at the ministry, the risks outweigh the benefits to proceeding with the exams," he noted.

    This means that schools can still hold their own exams, but no tests should be held that involve students gathering in classrooms.

    "School tests can be administered through several options, with online being one example. Schools can also determine the students' scores from the five semesters. We are not compelling schools to measure curriculum achievements. There are several online schools that have yet to be optimal, but we do not compel them to measure the achievements disrupted by COVID-19," he expounded. (Antara)


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