Covid-19 Curfew Imposed in Aceh until May 29

    Antara - 30 Maret 2020 18:55 WIB
    Covid-19 Curfew Imposed in Aceh until May 29
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Aceh Besar: The Aceh Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) has voiced its support for the imposition of a two-month curfew across Indonesia's westernmost province of Aceh to contain the spread of covid-19.

    "The coronavirus curfew will be effective from March 29 to May 29," spokesperson for the Aceh Provincial Administration, Muhammad Iswanto, told journalists on Sunday evening, even as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic climbed in Indonesia.

    The decision was revealed in a Forkopimda petition dated March 29, 2020 and signed by the Aceh Wali Naggroe leader, Malik Mahmud Al Haytar; acting Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah; and Speaker of the Aceh legislative body, Dahlan Jamaluddin.

    Several other figures have also signed the petition — Aceh Police Chief Inspector General Wahyu Widada; Commander of the Iskandar Muda Regional Military Command, Major General Teguh Arief Indratmoko; and, head of the Aceh High Prosecutors' Office, Irdam.

    The forum directed community members across Aceh Province to respect the curfew and not venture outdoors between 8.30 p.m. and 5.30 a.m. local time, said Iswanto.

    Those operating businesses such as coffee shops and cafes, shopping malls, karaoke parlors, food stalls, fitness centers, and public transportation providers have also been asked to respect the curfew, he said.

    Only public transportation providers supplying basic necessities to communities would be exempt from the curfew, and they would be required to submit legal documents, notifying their activities, he added.

    City mayors and district heads across Aceh Province have been asked to supervise the implementation of the curfew in their administrative areas, he said, adding that the increase in the number of covid-19 patients and those under surveillance has led to the implementation of the curfew. (antara)


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