West Java Retains Title as Champion of National Sports Week

    Antara - 15 October 2021 20:19 WIB
    West Java Retains Title as Champion of National Sports Week
    West Java athletes collected a total of 353 medals.

    Papua: The West Java Province contingent defended its title as champion of the National Sports Week (PON) after dominating the medal tally at the XX Papua PON.

    The province's athletes collected a total of 353 medals, comprising 133 gold, 105 silver, and 115 bronze medals.


    "West Java ‘kahiji deui euy’ (means ‘becomes the number one again’)," the contingent’s powerlifting coach Usdi Permana stated in Jayapura City, as West Java bagged eight gold medals in the sport.

    The second place was claimed by the Jakarta contingent after pocketing a total of 301 medals comprising 110 gold medals, 91 silver medals, and 100 bronze medals.

    Meanwhile, East Java fell to third place, with a total of 287 medals, comprising 110 gold medals, 89 silver medals, and 88 bronze medals.

    The XX Papua PON will be closed on Friday evening Eastern Indonesia Standard Time by Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin.

    The ceremony will officially end the competition between the fastest, highest, and strongest athletes from 34 provinces all over Indonesia.

    Meanwhile, it will be the fifth victory for West Java since the first implementation of the national sports event in 1948 in Surakarta, Central Java.

    Earlier, West Java had won the 1951 Jakarta PON, 1953 North Sumatera PON, 1961 West Java PON, and 2016 West Java PON.

    However, Jakarta still holds the record for being the champion of the national event for the maximum number of times, with eleven victories.

    The rest of the PON editions were won by East Java and Central Java.

    East Java triumphed twice at the 2000 East Java PON and 2008 East Kalimantan PON, while Central Java only won once in the first PON edition while being represented by the Surakarta Residency.


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