Boyolali Prepares Mitigation Measures as Mount Merapi's Status Raised

    Media - 06 November 2020 10:36 WIB
    Boyolali Prepares Mitigation Measures as Mount Merapi's Status Raised
    Mount Merapi (Photo:ANTARA/HO/BPPTKG)
    Boyolali: The Boyolali regency administration in Central Java Province has prepared strategies to anticipate the potential eruption of Mount Merapi.

    On Monday, the Center for Research and Development of Geological Disaster Technology (BPPTKG) raised the alert status of Mount Merapi on Java Island to Level III or Watch, the second highest level.

    "Boyolaly Regional Secretary has instructed the Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) to coordinate with village officials," the Boyolali BPBD chairman Bambang Sinungharjo told here on Friday.

    "All volunteers are ready to evacuate residents if the volcano really erupts," he added.

    Besides rasing the alert status of the volcano, the BPPTKG also issued several recommendations.
    First, the BPPTKG launched mapping activities which cover 12 villages around the volcano. Second, the agency advised local authorities to stop mining activities inside the Disaster-Prone Area III.

    Furthermore, the agency also recommended local officials to stop tourism activities in the Disaster-Prone Area III. Lastly, it urged local governments in Sleman, Magelang, Boyolali and Klaten regencies in Yogyakarta and Central Java provinces to prepare disaster mitigation strategies.


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