NasDem Wants to Increase Parliamentary Threshold to 7%

    Ilham Pratama Putra, Christopher Harindra - 16 Januari 2020 16:09 WIB
    NasDem Wants to Increase Parliamentary Threshold to 7%
    Deputy Chairman of the NasDem Party, Ahmad HM Ali. Photo: Wibowo
    Jakarta: The NasDem Party agreed that the parliamentary threshold be increased. NasDem proposes the parliamentary threshold be seven percent from the previous at only four percent.
    "Not five percent but seven (percent). Consistent at seven. Seven percent is a rational number for the NasDem Party Central Executive Board (DPP), then we want to strengthen the party's consolidation," said Deputy Chairman of the NasDem Party, Ahmad HM Ali, at the Akademi Bela Negara Partai NasDem office, Jakarta on Thursday, January 16, 2020.
    The figure is seven percent higher than the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) proposal which wants a five percent parliamentary threshold. However, NasDem is optimistic that it can cross the seven percent threshold. Moreover, NasDem could reach 12,661,792 votes or 9.05 percent in the 2019 Legislative Election (Pileg).
    "The NasDem Party is in the position of almost 10 percent (in 2019 Pileg). And, it's not wrong we want 2024 with that number (seven percent)," he said.
    According to him, the NasDem R&D Agency has reviewed this threshold well. He stressed; the seven percent threshold was ideal.
    NasDem, he explained, had already voiced the increase in the parliamentary threshold when discussing the revision of the Election Law in 2019. However, the threshold issue was no longer the focus of NasDem. Surya Paloh's party is now focused on winning the election.
    "We are not only optimistic (to surpass the parliamentary threshold). We want to be winners in 2024," he concluded.
    Some political parties also agreed with the discourse of increasing parliamentary threshold. For example, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) who agreed with the PDI-P proposal related to parliamentary threshold being five percent. Meanwhile, the Party of Functional Groups (Golkar) instead proposed a higher parliamentary threshold. The number proposed by Golkar is 7.5 percent.
    There are also political parties that oppose the idea of raising the threshold, such as the People’s Conscience Party (Hanura). Increasing the threshold will prop up small parties to pitch to Senayan.


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