Minister Urges Improving Rice Seed Varieties to Bolster Production in Indonesia

Antara - 27 June 2022 10:10 WIB
Minister Urges Improving Rice Seed Varieties to Bolster Production in Indonesia
Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo (Photo: kementan)
Jakarta: Agriculture Minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo encourages improving the quality of superior rice seed varieties to bolster national rice production which will support rice export.

Without superior variety seeds,  it would be difficult to have rice surplus like what the country achieved now, he said in a statement hereon Sunday.
This surplus means that Indonesia does not need to import rice again.

"As a result, improving rice productivity should be our collective challenges because rice is very important for the nation's life," he remarked.

Indonesia's rice productivity ranks second from nine Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) countries in Asia with Vietnam placing first, followed by Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand.

In the past, when the Silugonggo variety was utilized, the country could only produce two to three ton per hectare of rice, he said.

However, the existence of new varieties, such as Ciherang and Inpari, has boosted farmers' productivity and also increased rice stock, he continued.

Limpo urged stakeholders to improve rice productivity from just 5.2 ton per hectare.

To this end, he asked his officials to review rice seed, irrigation, fertilization system, and post-harvesting, and to also conduct various efforts so that rice production from upstream to downstream can be more efficient.

He deemed that irrigation and varieties have improved which means officials should look for other aspects that needs to be bolstered.

Moreover, he expects that the extraordinary results that have been produced should be maintained and be disseminated to the people.

Rice seed plays an important role in improving the productivity of rice as one of the strategic staple foods in Indonesia and in supporting rice export, the minister noted.

In addition, good rice management can also reduce crop yield reduction so that crop yields can become better and offer high benefits.


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