Research on Herbs for Covid-19 Treatment Still Underway: Indonesia's BPOM

    Antara - 14 September 2021 19:08 WIB
    Research on Herbs for Covid-19 Treatment Still Underway: Indonesias BPOM
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    Jakarta: Deputy of Supervision for Traditional Medicines, Health Supplements, and Cosmetics at the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM), Reri Indriani, stated that herbs as an additional covid-19 treatment are currently still being researched.

    "Herbal medicines as an additional therapy to improve the condition of covid-19 patients is currently under research," Indriani stated on behalf of Head of BPOM, Penny K. Lukito during the webinar series "Strategies for Building Brands of Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements" on Tuesday.


    Indriani explained that traditional medicines, including herbs, had become an alternative for the community to maintain their health during the covid-19 pandemic, although none of them had any indications of being anti-covid-19 yet.

    This opportunity was then welcomed by herbal product business actors. BPOM drew attention to an increase in the circulation of these products in the online market. Some producers promote their herbal medicines in line with the opportunity for increased demand from the public for health supplements and herbal medicines.

    In this case, the BPOM reminds business actors to innovate and create responsibly, so as not to mislead the public through their product claims.

    "We laud the creative innovation of business actors, but it must be done responsibly. How they build product brands should be facilitated to avoid conflict with our regulation," Indriani emphasized.

    The BPOM has the authority to impose administrative sanctions and to prosecute in the event of any violation. Indriani emphasized that there would be no compromise with regard to the protection of public health.

    In terms of duties and roles, the BPOM also conducts pre- and post-market supervision to ensure the quality and safety of circulating products, so as to boost the competitiveness of medicinal and food products in local and global markets to support the business climate. 


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