Riau Islands Provincial Government Raises Awareness of Novel Coronavirus

    Antara - 07 Februari 2020 17:15 WIB
    Riau Islands Provincial Government Raises Awareness of Novel Coronavirus
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Tanjungpinang: The Riau Islands provincial government is raising awareness after learning that coronavirus had infected people, including an Indonesian, in Singapore.

    According to Riau Islands Province Health Agency head Tjetjep Yudiana, the islands are neighbors to Singapore. One of the islands, Batam, is only located at a distance of 30 kilometers by sea to Singapore.

    Batam, Tanjungpinang, and Karimun are the areas most vulnerable to the virus transmission. Hence, some precautionary measures have been taken, including screening for air and sea passengers as well as the use of masks by airport and port officials.

    "There is a need to increase vigilance, especially at the entrances of Batam, Tanjungpinang, and Karimun. All three areas are most visited by tourists, especially from Singapore," the official stated.

    However, Yudiana urged the public to not panic in response to this outbreak. Moreover, people are also told to be careful while reading or hearing any information pertaining to the coronavirus, originally found in Wuhan City of China.

    "Do not believe in hoaxes," he remarked.

    As of Thursday, February 5, 2020, Singapore had recorded 385 suspected coronavirus cases, with the details of 28 people testing positive for the coronavirus infection. (Antara)


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