EU to Help Address Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic in Yogyakarta, NTT

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 21 October 2020 15:01 WIB
    EU to Help Address Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic in Yogyakarta, NTT
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    Jakarta: Humanity & Inclusion (HI) together with CIS Timor and the Association for Inclusion and Disability Advocacy Movement (SIGAB) launched today the project  “I AM SAFE: Inclusive Access to Multi-Sectoral Services and Assistances for Everyone”.

    The event was held virtually and attended by a number of national and local officials. The European Union (EU) was represented by the EU Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Piket.

    The I AM SAFE project is fully funded by the EU with €1.1 million or IDR 19.2 billion. The project will support the work of local governments, especially in Yogyakarta and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), as well as at the national level, in response to the covid-19 pandemic which has impacted vulnerable groups. 

    During the 18-month project implementation period, vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, elderly people, people with non-communicable diseases, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the poor, will benefit from inclusive services that are designed to build their resilience and equip them for the crisis. In addition, the project will collaborate with civil society organisations, organisations of persons with disabilities and the local governments to formulate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for inclusive crisis management.

    “The impact of the covid-19 pandemic is tremendous, especially for vulnerable groups. The pandemic not only destroys economic life but also limits access to basic services. This has increased the vulnerability of groups that are forgotten in crisis responses. Without a strategic approach and with existing obstacles, vulnerable groups will become the most susceptible people to contract covid-19,” said Swetika Eko Saptyono, Country Coordinator of HI in Indonesia in a press release issued on Wednesday.

    “Their aspirations need to be listened to and their participation in social, economic and political lives should be encouraged. It is hoped that all forms of interventions and policies can directly benefit them,” he added.

    In implementing the I AM SAFE project in NTT, HI collaborates with CIS Timor, an organisation working on development and community empowerment issues. In Yogyakarta, HI collaborates with SIGAB, an organisation that actively advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities.

    “The European Union is proud to support the I AM SAFE project to overcome the health crisis caused by COVID-19 and to reduce the economic and social impact it has on the people of Indonesia, especially the poor and vulnerable groups. This project is part of the 'Team Europe' package to assist Indonesia in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, with a total budget value of €200 million (IDR 3.5 trillion). The I AM SAFE project will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers, offers telemedicine and mobile health services to facilitate access to health care, referrals to health care facilities according to patient needs, provision of nutritional packages, psychosocial support, and fulfillment of basic needs for vulnerable groups who are severely affected by the covid-19 crisis," said the EU Ambassador.

    "This project also provides support to the private sector with a focus on women-owned small to medium sized enterprises to reactivate their businesses with product diversification strategies and market development. This will improve sustainable livelihoods and bring concrete benefits to around 2.9 million people in Yogyakarta and NTT,” he added.


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