3-Month-Old Infant in Bogor Regency Recovers from Covid-19

    Antara - 11 Mei 2020 16:33 WIB
    3-Month-Old Infant in Bogor Regency Recovers from Covid-19
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Bogor: A three-month-old infant recovered from covid-19 in Bogor Regency, West Java Province after receiving intensive medical treatment at a local hospital.

    "A COVID-19 confirmed patient, who has just recovered, is a three-month-old male infant from Cibinong Sub-district," Bogor Regency Head Ade Yasin noted in a written statement released on Monday, May 11, 2020.

    The male infant was admitted to the Husodo Hospital in Cibinong, Bogor Regency, on April 7, 2020, after testing positive for covid-19.

    The baby recovering from the infection added to the total count of covid-19 recoveries standing at 20, surpassing the number of deaths at 11.

    The Bogor district government recorded a total of 153 covid-19 confirmed cases as of Sunday night.

    "In total, 153 people had tested positive for covid-19, of which 20 recovered and 11 succumbed to the disease," she stated.

    The regency government also recorded 1,429 people under surveillance (ODPs) of which 1,113 completed the surveillance, and 1,264 patients under surveillance (PDP) of which 744 had completed the surveillance.

    Yasin noted that 48 of the 744 PDPs, who had completed the surveillance, died before being subject to swab testing to determine whether they had tested positive or negative for the virus. (antara)


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