Provincial Task Force Reports 134 Covid-19 Recoveries in Papua

    Antara - 22 Mei 2020 15:20 WIB
    Provincial Task Force Reports 134 Covid-19 Recoveries in Papua
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jayapura: Some 134 out of the total 538 people testing positive for covid-19 in the easternmost Indonesian province of Papua have recovered from the disease as of Thursday, May 21, 2020 according to a spokesman.

    "We are upbeat about an increase in the number of patients recovering from the disease," spokesman for the Papua Province Task Force for the Handling of Covid-19 Dr Silwanus Sumule noted in a statement through live streaming on Thursday night.

    Of the total recoveries, 49 were from Mimika Regency, 34 from the Jayapura Municipality, 23 from Regency District, 11 from Merauke Regency, four each from the regencies of Keerom and Jayawijaya, three from Sarmi regency, two each from the regencies of Biak and Central Mamberamo, and one each from the regencies of Nabire and Digul.

    Sumule revealed that 394 covid-19 patients are receiving medical treatment at several referral hospitals.

    "Papua has 16 referral hospitals for covid-19,” he stated. (antara)


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