Govt to Sanction Local Leader Candidates Who Violate Health Protocols

    Anggi Tondi Martaon - 08 September 2020 13:29 WIB
    Govt to Sanction Local Leader Candidates Who Violate Health Protocols
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: The government is considering to postpone the inauguration of elected regional leader candidates who repeatedly violate covid-19 health protocols during the upcoming simultaneous regional elections.

    "If they repeatedly violate covid-19 health protocols, the sanction will be given," Special Staff of the Minister of Home Affairs Kastorius Sinaga said in a statement on Tuesday.

    According to the Director General of Regional Automony at the Ministry of Home Affairs Akmal Malik, the policy is based on Government Regulation Number 12 Year 2018 on Education and Supervision of Regional Government and Law Number 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government.

    "w\We also may prepare a home affairs minister's regulation (permendagri)," Akmal said.

    In a bid to prevent the spread of covid-19, strict health protocols will be implemented during the campaign period. This year's simultaneous regional elections will take place on December 9. Local elections will be held in nine provinces, 37 municipalities and 224 regencies.

    On Monday, the Indonesian Ministry of Health announced 2,880 new covid-19 cases, bringing the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Indonesia to 196,989.


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