Bogor City Will Not Reimpose PSBB: Mayor

    Rizky Dewantara - 11 September 2020 20:01 WIB
    Bogor City Will Not Reimpose PSBB: Mayor
    Bogor Mayor Bima Arta Sugiarto (center) (
    Bogor: Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto has decided to not reimpose large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) as the Bogor city government currently focuses on implementing micro and community bases social restrictions (PSBMK) in the region.

    "West Java Governor recommended us to continue the implementation of PSBMK," the mayor said here on Friday.

    "According to our data, the implementation of PSBMK has succeeded to improve our status from red zone to orange zone," the National Mandate Party (PAN) politician explained.

    The Jakarta provincial government plans to reintroduce PSBB measures on September 14. The policy aims to decrease the covid-19 hospitalization rate in Indonesia's capital.
    The Jakarta provincial government previously implemented PSBB for around two months from April to June. The regional government changed its policy to transitional PSBB in early June. 

    Bogor City is one of the satellite areas of the special capital regions. On Thursday, Jakarta and its satellite areas held a coordination meeting to discuss the implementation of PSBB in the capital city.


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