Infrastructure Development in Baluran National Park Becomes National Priority

    Antara - 19 April 2021 14:58 WIB
    Infrastructure Development in Baluran National Park Becomes National Priority
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    Surabaya: Infrastructure development in Baluran Situbondo National Park, East Java, are included in the national priority, National Development Planning Minister Suharso Monoarfa has stated.

    "Infrastructure development at the Merak-Baluran tourist destination is a national priority. The important aspect is that the regional governments protect them well, as they are the main players (in that development)," Monoarfa remarked during a working visit to Situbondo here on Sunday.

    The Situbondo regency government has proposed opening access to several beach tourism attractions in the national park area, including the Merak Baluran Beach, Sijile Beach, Lempuyang Beach, Batu Hitam, and other beach tourism locations that are still in one area.

    Infrastructure development in the area is expected to boost tourist visits, so that the economy in Situbondo can continue to grow.

    Meanwhile, Situbondo Regent Karna Suswandi is optimistic that the area would become a major tourist destination in Situbondo and could bolster economic growth.

    "The beauty of its sea is better than marine tourism in Bali. Tourists in Bali are also expected to visit Merak-Baluran. Moreover, the location is close to the Ketapang Port of Banyuwangi," he noted.


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