Rescuers Retrieve Black Box, Bodies of 3 Rimbun Air Crew

    Antara - 16 September 2021 14:35 WIB
    Rescuers Retrieve Black Box, Bodies of 3 Rimbun Air Crew
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    Timika: Bodies of three crew members of the Rimbun Air PK OTW plane that crashed in Bukit Kampung Bilogai, near Sugapa, Intan Jaya District, Papua Province on Wednesday, will be moved to Timika this Thursday morning.

    Head of the Timika Joint Search and Rescue (SAR), George Mercy L. Randang, noted that two ATR planes have been readied at the Bilogai Sugapa Airport to transport the bodies of pilot Mirza, co-pilot Fajar, and technician Iswahyudi.


    "The plane has not yet departed from Sugapa because it is still foggy there. An ambulance is on standby at Timika Airport to bring the victims' bodies to Mimika Hospital for further procedures," Randang noted.

    Local residents and  National Defense Forces (TNI) officers successfully retrieved the bodies of the three crew members of the Rimbun Air PK OTW Twin Otter 3000 aircraft from the wreckage of the ill-fated plane on Wednesday night at around 23:30 local time.

    Thereafter, in a relay, the joint SAR team, comprising members of the community, National Search and Relief Agency (Basarnas), and Indonesian military, evacuated the three bodies to Sugapa Airport on foot.

    Bodies of the three crew members of the Rimbun Air flight arrived at Sugapa Airport on Thursday morning at around 2:30 local time.

    At 4:30 local time, the joint SAR team comprising personnel of Basarnas Timika and TNI found the black box of the Rimbun Air plane.

    "The team is currently on its way to transport the black box from the scene to Sugapa on foot. If no obstacles are encountered today, then the black box can be brought to Timika with 10 Basarnas personnel," Randang stated.

    The Rimbun Air PK OTW plane lost contact en route from Nabire Airport to Sugapa, Intan Jaya District, on Wednesday morning, at around 7:37 local time. The plane was reportedly carrying building materials.

    Head of AirNav Indonesia Timika Branch Andi Nurwansyah remarked that the Timika SAR team, through its equipment, spotted a signal that supposedly came from the crashed Rimbun Air plane.


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