Don't Underestimate Threat of Covid-19: Jokowi

    Dhika Kusuma Winata - 03 May 2021 13:37 WIB
    Don't Underestimate Threat of Covid-19: Jokowi
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    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has emphasized that the threat of covid-19 is still exist despite the decreasing trend in covid-19 cases.

    "Don't slack off, we cannot underestimate covid-19," Jokowi said in a statement on Sunday.

    According to the President, the covid-19 case curve has been decreasing since the launching of micro-scale public activity restrictions (PPKM Mikro) and national covid-19 vaccination program in January 2021.

    As a result, the number of active cases in Indonesia has decreased to around 100 thousand confirmed cases.

    Despite that, the President urged those who has and has not been vaccinated to continue to implement health protocols.  He also conveyed the same message to those who live in the red, orange, yellow, and even green zones.

    According to him, the decreasing trend does not mean that the pandemic is already under control. Therefore, the current decreasing trend has to be kept or improved.

    “Don't be overly optimistic. Don’t feel that the situation is controlled. Don’t feel safe. Not yet! The efforts of suppressing active cases still have to be done,” Jokowi revealed. (Translator: Natasha Celia)


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