Jokowi Condemns Terror Attack in Sigi, Orders Police to Hunt Down Suspects

    Nur Azizah - 01 December 2020 10:56 WIB
    Jokowi Condemns Terror Attack in Sigi, Orders Police to Hunt Down Suspects
    President Joko Widodo (
    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has strongly condemned an attack that claimed four people in the Central Sulawesi town of Sigi. He has also ordered for the hunting down of the perpetrators of the attack.

    "I strongly condemn the inhuman terror act that occurred in Sigi, Central Sulawesi. This barbaric act was clearly aimed at provoking and destroying the unity and harmony among the nation's citizens," said President Jokowi here on Monday evening.

    "I have ordered the National Police Chief to thoroughly investigate the terrorist network down to its roots. I also want to express my deep sorrow for the families of the victims," he added.

    On Friday, a family of four were murdered in Lemba Tongoa Village, Sigi, Central Sulawesi. Some seven buildings were also damaged during the attack.
    According to the reports, the attack was carried out by around eight people. They are allegedly members of the East Indonesia Mujahideen (MIT).
    Operating around the mountains and jungles of Poso and Sigi regions, MIT was led by Santoso until he was killed by police in 2016. The group is currently led by homegrown militant Ali Kalora.


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