Early Detection is Crucial Transformation in Indonesia's Health System: Ministry

Antara - 18 May 2022 14:22 WIB
Early Detection is Crucial Transformation in Indonesias Health System: Ministry
Issues pertaining to Indonesians' health conditions still revolve around nutritional problems of children. (Photo:
Jakarta: Strengthening early detection of a disease is a crucial transformation in Indonesia's health system, according to the Health Ministry's Health Service Director General Abdul Kadir.

Issues pertaining to Indonesians' health conditions still revolve around nutritional problems of children, he noted during the online unveiling of the State-owned Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) book on Tuesday.
Such problems include stunting, maternal and infant mortality rate, as well as communicable and non-communicable diseases involving organs, such as heart, blood vessels, and pancreas.

Through transformation of the health system supported by early detection, screening conducted by medical officers is expected to expedite the handling of patients up to the level of villages.

However, strengthening early detection can further be improved through BPJS Kesehatan's participation by collaborating in providing its services to the people and facilitating health examination.

"However, the capitation payment system from BPJS Kesehatan based on curative or patients will change," Kadir noted.

Given its experience with budget deficit several years ago, BPJS Kesehatan should create a breakthrough, primarily in forming a more sustainable health financial system.

For instance, subscription payment can be adjusted with the members' economic conditions in order to prevent discriminative behavior. In this system, wealthy members pay a bigger fee to BPJS as compared to the poor members.

"We may think about this together in the future," he remarked.

Moreover, BPJS Kesehatan has a bigger role in handling Indonesians' health problems. One of the roles that it can take up is participating in promoting immunization to the people, he stated.

As two parties that work in the health sector, Kadir expects that the ministry, along with BPJS Kesehatan, can collectively strengthen relations and cooperation with every hospital in Indonesia.

Consequently, every service that they give can make the people lead a healthier and more prosperous life.

"The people need implementation. To this end, it is expected that the stigma toward BPJS Kesehatan earlier (can be handled) through cooperation with hospitals to receive the best service," Kadir remarked.


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